So you’re looking for some ideas on how to win your ex back?

If it has been a long time since you broke up with your ex, and you’re now looking at getting back together, there are four things you’ll want to do to increase your chances of forming a lasting reunion with your ex.

It is all about establishing a brand new connection. Reconciliation with an ex is a definite challenge but it is by no means impossible with the right plan. Note that this ‘connection’ needs to be a brand new connection.

The four things covered below won’t guarantee that you get back together with your ex but they can ensure that you set off on the right path for a lasting reconciliation with your ex.

Be sure to follow the whole step-by-step “Plan” (see Home page) after reading this Post for the best chances of winning your ex back.

Thing # 1 – Really Get To Know Each Other Again.

If you are looking at ideas on how to win your ex back, and it has been a long time since you have been close, you’ll want to take some time to get to know each other again.

The important part is that your ex sees a willingness in you to understand where they have been, how they felt along the way, and how they arrived that the place of being willing to reconcile with you.

How? Here’s how…

Never assume you know – especially never say that you know how they felt or feel – this is dangerous.

You want to say something like: “you must have felt terrible when I….” — you’ll find that they actually help you by clarifying exactly how they felt (helping you understand them) rather than them taking offense to you presuming that you know how they felt. This is KEY. Read this point again just in case you glossed over it.

Using the above method of ‘understanding’ can really go a long way in helping you win your ex back.

Thing # 2 – Give Them Space, And Give Them Time.

When trying to reconcile with an ex, it is really important to give them (and yourself) space and time. The entire reconciliation process rests upon both of you getting a healthy amount of space and time to heal…

…time to ‘forget’, and time put things in perspective so you can get back together in a healthy way.

Practice becoming attuned to when they need space or time. Give it to them whenever they require it and you’ll be sure to have them calling you and wanting to spend quality time together.

On the other hand, if you ignore the signs of them needing time or space, you’ll definitely hinder the chances of you truly reconciling with your ex.

Thing # 3 – Go On Dates – Regularly.

Once you’ve spent some time getting to know each other again – getting on the ‘same page’, it is important that you start (or continue) dating.

Cultivate the romance, and keep it – make it part of your new way together. Again, this is critical part of learning how to win your ex back.

Thing # 4 – Be Thoughtful, And Romantic.

Take all of the above ideas on board and apply them. Also, you’ll want to follow the “Plan” on the Home page of this site.

The above-mentioned points will need to be part of your overall plan to win your ex back. It is all about showing your ex that you truly care for them, and that you do seriously consider their feelings.

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