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28th November 2023

How To Get Your Ex Back

You can get your ex back.

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Break ups are tough. With emotions swirling all over the place it can be really hard getting through the days and nights sometimes. I know exactly how that feels. And it’s especially tough if you’re the one trying to win your ex back.

My name is Michael and I have a proven plan for helping you get your ex back – no matter how bad things look right now…

Breaking up is horrible. You feel pain, anger, sadness and often the whole thing is very confusing.

It’s natural that we feel needy in a break up but to win your ex back you’ll need to keep a cool head and a healthy heart. And very importantly, we’ll need a solid PLAN.

9 Out Of 10 Break Ups Can Be Reversed

IF you follow the right steps in the right order, the odds are that you’ll have a good chance getting your ex back again. 9 out of 10 break ups CAN actually be reversed.

We won’t be using any kind of weird trickery. We’ll be following an honest and respectful plan that honors both our ex and ourselves. We’ll be gleaning sound principles that are firmly grounded in human psychology in this plan to get your ex back.

I would like to encourage you to carefully read and follow this ENTIRE plan. But don’t just read the plan, actually take action. The only chance of getting your ex back is if you do what’s outlined in the plan.

The First Step To Get Your Ex Back

In this first of the 3-step plan, we’ll expose the 6 big mistakes nearly everyone makes after a break up. They are very common mistakes to make – and they can definitely hurt your chances of winning back your ex so read each section very carefully and be sure to apply what you learn straight away.

The 6 things that can kill your chances when you’re planning to get your ex back:

#1 Being Too Needy – Pleading and Begging

Pleading To Get Your Ex Back

Pleading to get your ex back is unattractive, and it doesn’t work.

It seems like it’s what we should do, but it is definitely NOT. Being needy, begging and pleading is THE worst possible thing we could do (don’t worry if you’ve already done it – it’s okay – there will be more guidance if you’ve done this later in the plan), but for now, know this:

Neediness is unattractive. It will only serve to push your ex away. It will only make your ex think that they’ve made the right choice in breaking up with you.

Pleading and begging is not the way to get your ex back.

#2 Being A Doormat

Ex Treating Me Like A Door Mat

Don’t let your ex treat you like a doormat.

Being a doormat would mean doing and accepting EVERYTHING your ex wants – sacrificing all of your needs in an attempt to please your ex. If you are saying or thinking “I’ll do anything to keep you”, or anything like this you need to stop this now.

It’s really important that you have a life – your own thoughts, your own needs… things that YOU like to do and enjoy. And it’s important that your ex sees this. If they see a doormat, they’ll likely keep wiping their feet.

Also, very importantly, on the off chance you did get your ex back by being a doormat it is very unlikely the relationship would really be a lasting or happy one.

#3 Calling or Texting While Drunk

Calling Ex While Drunk

Avoid calling or texting your ex if you have been drinking.

Again, this is very common when people are in a break up situation but it can severely harm your chances of getting back together with your ex. Again, if you’ve already done this, all is not lost, just keep following the plan.

It’s very easy to overreact and act foolishly when we’ve had a few drinks. Avoid calling or texting your ex if you have been drinking. This will only hinder chances of getting your ex back. Again, we need to not appear needy – and especially not foolish.

#4 Smothering

Ex Pushing Me Away

Avoid smothering, your ex will push you away.

To many, smothering seems like the best way to get our ex back when they are wanting to (or have) broken up with us. Although all we want to do is tell them exactly how much we love them and how deeply we care for them, we need to accept that this is NOT a good strategy.

Hearing you say how much you love and care for them is not actually what your ex wants to hear right now. There’s a very good chance they actually know this already anyway. Telling them right now won’t help you guys ultimately get back together if they have initiated the break up – you only run the risk of pushing your ex further away.

Not smothering in this time can be one of the hardest things to do but if you can manage to stop yourself, it can be one of the golden keys to getting your ex back in your arms. And it very often further leads to a much more healthy and balanced relationship between you and your ex in the long run too.

#5 Handing Over All The Power to Your Ex

Fun With Friends After A Break Up

Get out and have some fun with friends after a break up.

Even if it was your ex who broke it off with you, it is not wise to give your ex all the power. It’s important we don’t make ourselves too available for them – we don’t want to be their “back up”.

It’s worth remembering that in the entire history of relationship break ups, no partner EVER won their ex back through pity. It’s important that your ex doesn’t get the message that your ‘life is over’ without them. It’s time be strong and of good courage. Get out with some friends and have some fun!

Quick Tip: Find the people you love, and the people who love you (even if you’ve lost touch), and plan to spend time with them.

Do your best to just have fun and laugh whenever you can when you’re spending time with your family and good friends – it will make you feel better. If you have really good friends or family who don’t mind, do a bit of venting if you need to (without straining that relationship of course).

It’s MUCH better to vent with a good friend rather than at your ex. Venting at your ex at this time (in fact most times) won’t help you get your ex back.

#6 Panicking When Your Ex Gets With Someone Else

When this happens it can really get all the emotions swirling again – but wait – this is often not the end. I know – it happened SO fast! Rebound relationships after a break up are extremely common. It’s also very common for rebound relationships to get very intimate, very fast. But, very often these relationships are over as quickly as they start.

It’s hard for people (your ex for example) to go from being in an intimate relationship to single just like that. It is common for both guys and girls to become intimate with their ‘rebound’ quite quickly – this is because they are often trying to keep up the same level of intimacy they had in their relationship with you.

What often happens is that these relationships are devoid of any real substance – they were just a “fix” for intimacy. Consequently, rebound relationships are very short-lived. Although it may seem like a very long time for us, know this: many of these rebound types of relationships don’t last.

What Would The Fonz Do?

What Would The Fonz Do?

If your ex is seeing someone new – just be cool. Sometimes it can be a bit of a show. It’s best to just remain calm.

It’s not a good idea to tell them that they are making a mistake or to ask them about their new partner – chances are they’ll stay with the new partner even longer just to prove you wrong. Just stay away. And be like the Fonz: cool.

You want to get your ex thinking on their own for a while – in the meantime it’s time for getting on with life, getting into the things you love and hanging with people who can make you laugh and smile.

Once your ex sees that you’re having a good time of your life without them and that you’re indifferent about your relationship, they may just start the process of rethinking their decision to break up with you.

But, whatever happens at this point – it’s *VERY* important you keep sticking to the plan – this plan.

Again, all the mistakes mentioned above are extremely common – BUT – don’t make them – although it will seem right do these things – they will NOT work – follow this plan – because it DOES work.

But What If I’ve Already Made These Mistakes?

Don’t worry. It’s not too late to get your ex back.

You still stand a good chance of getting your ex back – but STOP making these mistakes as of right now.

If you need print this webpage out and stick it where you can see it, do it.

Now we’ve listed the things NOT to do, we can get on with what we need TO do to get our ex back. Click HERE to go to Step 2…

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