Many realize after a break up (some long after) that their ex may just be the one for them.

Getting back together with your ex after a break up holds a number of challenges, but it’s not impossible if you play things the right way.

If you’re asking “How can I get back together with my ex?”, the six tips below will help you achieve your goal of getting back together with your ex successfully.

1. No Stalking or Appearing Desperate

While some amount of contact is important when you are trying to get back together with your ex, appearing desperate will definitely blow your chances of getting back together. Be sure to keep your calling and texting in check.

2. Maintain Friendships – Don’t Put Your Life On Hold

While you are focused on getting back together with your ex, it is still vital you maintain your friendships – don’t put your life on hold.

Spend time with friends and family – the ones that bring the best out in you – the ones that keep you laughing and smiling.

This kind of joy is contagious and it may just spread to your ex.

3. A Single Romantic Gesture*

A romantic gesture can positively shift the dynamic of a relationship between to ex lovers. A well-timed, appropriate, single romantic gesture demonstrates that you are thinking about them, and that you willing to be create in going the extra mile to get back together and grow together. But don’t do it too early.

(*For more details on how to build up to this, and to get the timing right, be sure to follow the “Plan” on the home page. Following the “Plan” in it’s entirety could potentially triple your chances of getting back together with your ex.)

4. Allow Space

This can be a hard one when you have made up your mind you are pursuing getting back together with your ex. BUT, it must be done. You’ll want to give your ex time to arrive at their own conclusions – time to actually miss you.

Not allowing space for your ex to reform their part of your bond together as a couple is a mistake – it has to be both of you – but you can’t SAY that to them, you just have to LET them – get it?

5. Glean From Mutual Friends

Without prying too much, you may be able to glean some good understanding of where your ex is at by talking with some mutual friends.

If you play it cool and take care in these conversations, there’s a possibility your mutual friend may plant some seeds for you for getting back together with your ex.

6. Take Things Slow (Patience)

Most of what you have read above will go directly against what you would want to do naturally. However, the real battle in getting back together with your ex will be patience and self control.

If you can exercise self restraint in these tough situations, you’ll find getting back together with your ex almost happens without you trying.

It will also help to follow the “Plan” on the home page of this site. Having a clear game plan for getting your ex back can REALLY increase your chances of success.

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