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How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back After She Broke Up With Me

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back After She Broke Up With Me?

The day you find yourself standing there wondering how on earth you lost your girlfriend is a bad day, I know, I’ve been in that place too. Now she’s your ex! Yes it’s shocking – but let’s focus on how we’re going to get your ex back.

I’m here today to encourage you to give up.

Not to give up on getting your girlfriend back, but to give up acting out of what is probably coming naturally to you right now.

When a girl we love breaks up with us it is natural for us to ask questions, make promises, try and fix the problem and reason with our girlfriend but these strategies just don’t work.

No man ever won his girlfriend back by asking the right questions, making radical promises out of panic or trying to reason with his girlfriend who has already moved on.

Every day, guys all over the world are asking the question:

“How can I get my girlfriend back after she broke up with me?”

The answer right now lies more in what we are NOT going to do, more so that what we are going to do.

So what are we NOT going to do?

  1. We are not going to ask questions.
  2. We are not going to make panic promises.
  3. And we are not going to try and reason with our girlfriend.

One of the first things we must accept is that our girlfriend has probably been talking about this break up with her girlfriends for weeks.

Girls talk. Lots. We know that much right?

But the thing to remember right now is that even though she may have been sharing her thoughts with her girlfriends for weeks about breaking up with you, she is not probably as confident in her decision to break up with you as she seems.

I’ll say it again another way…

There’s a big chance your girlfriend is not 100% confident she has made the right decision in breaking up with you

That is why it is CRITICAL that we play our cards right as of right now.

What we do and say from here on in can be the difference between winning our girlfriend back and losing her forever.

Look there is a stack of advice on winning your girlfriend back after a break up out there on the web but if I could just offer you this one piece of advice:

Stay cool.

(This is the critical advice I was talking about. It sounds to simple I know, but read on…)

She is not as sure as she looks I promise you. And the more you try and ask questions, make promises and reason with her, the more sure she’ll become that she HAS made the right decision to break up with you.

On the other hand, if you outwardly communicate that you agree with the break up, then take a back seat for a while… catch up with some old friends, do some fun stuff and look after (focus on) yourself for a while, instead of focusing everything on your seemingly got-it-all-together girlfriend, you’ll find you will more than likely be given some openings to get your ex back.

But you’ll need some cool headed strategies and a proven plan to make sure you don’t blow your chances of getting your girlfriend back. On the home page of this website, you’ll find a comprehensive, proven plan you can follow to win your ex girlfriend back. It’s a great place to start.

And make sure you sign up to my mailing list to get all you can out of the plan. Chances are you’ll only get only get one or two openings to win her over once you’ve implemented the first part of the plan so be sure to join my mailing list so you are well and truly armed with all the knowledge and training you need to make sure you win your ex girlfriend back for good.

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