The big question for many women after a break up is: “How can I make my boyfriend love me again?”

The emptiness that comes with the realization your boyfriend may not love you anymore can leave you feeling lonely and desperate – but take courage…

It IS possible you can get your ex boyfriend back. You’ll just need to do things a little differently than you would do naturally.

It’s natural to panic when you begin realizing that perhaps his love for you seems to have subsided.

And although this feeling probably snuck up on you. The break up was probably brewing for a long while – long before you arrived at the place of asking the question: “How can I make my boyfriend love me again?”

One thing that is a guarantee in any break up though is this: both partners will have played a role in the break up.

Sometimes the reason for break up are obvious – example: someone cheated. Other times it can be a string of disappointments that build up over a long period of time.

Okay, but how can I make my boyfriend love me again? And what are the keys to getting my ex boyfriend back?

The facts are: we can’t ‘make’ our ex love us again. Although a women cannot directly ‘make’ a man have true feelings for her, there are some things a woman can do (and not do) that will help a man regain his own feelings of true love.

As painful as it will be, step number one for getting your boyfriend back will be to actually let him go.

Begging, pleading and promises of you changing will not help you get your boyfriend back. It hasn’t worked yet, and it won’t work ever – it never has for any woman.

And if it has worked, it will have only been temporary – perhaps a night at best. Maybe you’ve experienced this already?

You need to concede that begging, pleading and promises at this stage will not work to get your boyfriend back.

It is now a time to give him some space. You both need time and space right now to clear your mind. You cannot control his feelings so it’s time to begin taking control of your own.

Don’t worry, we are not forgetting that you want to get your boyfriend back, we just need to focus on you for a while so that getting your boyfriend back can become a real possibility.

It is a time time to take stock of your own life; your over all lifestyle, your health, and your habits.

Start by getting some good sleep, eating balanced, healthy meals and snacks and walking at minimum. You’ll be AMAZED at what these three things alone can do to accelerate the process of you getting your boyfriend back.

All of the above things combined, that is: good rest, good food and some exercise fight depression.

You are at crossroads at the moment. You can use momentum to your advantage, or become victim to it.

Create positive momentum by using this time to better yourself. The alternative is to let the circumstances overwhelm you and potentially sink into depression.

Remember, YOU have choices – choose wisely and your chances of getting your boyfriend back will more than triple.

If you’re short on time – here are some quick tips…

– Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
– Snack on fruit, drink plenty of water.
– Whenever possible, set yourself up to get minimum 7 to 9 hours sleep.

And do your best to lay low. Try not to make contact for a while. Things will definitely shift if you give him some space and time, and spend some time being kind to yourself.

These are the first steps in getting your boyfriend to fall in love with you again. Be sure to follow the “Plan” on the Home page to maximize your chances of getting your boyfriend back – it’s a step-by-step plan that has worked for thousands of people just like yourself.

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