Changing the relationship situation between you and your ex begins with a conscious choice today – even though you more-than-likely won’t get your ex back today.

But the power of today, and now is than you can take action and initiate a change in your circumstances.

The following keys will help to turn the tables and help you in getting your ex back…

Key 1 – Recognizing that there is a need for change…

Recognize that there is need for change – and that change needs to begin with you if you are truly looking at getting your ex back.

Make a list of things you would like to change about the way you guys related… assuming you were going to get back together with your ex.

An example may be: “I would like to become a better listener” – or, “I would like to demonstrate to my ex that I care for them in a way that would have them actually recognize that care” – for example by “spending more time with them in the evenings”.

Key 2 – Setting goals for getting your ex back…

Your goals around the process of getting your ex back need to be realistic. Set both long and short term goals for your own self development around this.

A good short term goal may be to increase your fitness and lose a certain amount of weight. Then attach a benefit – example: “look and feel better”, “make myself more attractive”.

A good long term goal may be to “better manage my time”, or “better manage my emotions”.

Again, attach a benefit to the goal and take action on the “how” today. A good way may be to start following the “Plan” for getting your ex back here on this web site.

Key 3 – Identifying personal traits and habits that may hinder…

Identify any personal traits or habits you think may stand in the way of your ex becoming attracted to you again.

When you stand back and take a look at the way you related to your ex, are there any traits or habits that stand may out as being potentially unattractive to your ex?

For now, just see if you can quickly jot them down – then read on…

Key 4 – Follow a clear, proven plan…

Follow a clear, proven plan for getting your ex back. Getting your ex back will be near impossible without following a proven plan.

The problem with breaking up is that both your emotions are very raw. This means that ‘normal’ reasoning and perceptions can easily become skewed causing one or both of the partners do act or speak in a way that hinders the chances the relationship being restored.

A clear plan can help you manage your emotions in this time and see you through to the goal of getting your ex back. To follow a proven plan for getting your ex back, see the Home page of this web site.

Key 5 – Do things differently…

Be prepared to do things differently. Getting your ex back may require you to do some things you haven’t done before. Getting out of our comfort zone can cause shifts and breakthroughs in our life circumstances.

For good ideas on exactly how to do this, be sure to follow all 3 steps to the “Plan” on the home page of this web site.

Changing is never easy. We all resist change naturally. But, if we persist and make positive changes in our life, very often the fruit (the good) that’s born of that change is far greater than he had ever dreamed.

Getting your ex back is possible, but it will take change.

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