“How can I get my ex girlfriend back” you ask?

Well, it’s more a matter of what to avoid doing. If you are really looking to get your ex girlfriend back, here are 4 things you’ll want to avoid…

Be sure to follow the 3 Step Plan to get your ex back after reading this Post.


Avoid too much contact…

  • Lay low for a while. Avoid going where you know she’ll be – let her wonder where you are.
  • Give up calling as frequently as you usually would.
  • Give your ex girlfriend some time to miss you.

Avoid other forms of communication too…

This means…

  • Stop texting (for a time). More details inside the “Plan” on the Home page.
  • Stop the other forms of messaging – Facebook for example.
  • Give your ex girlfriend some space to re-think the relationship.

As you can see, it’s REALLY important to make the break in order to create a scenario where she will begin looking for you. Be sure to follow the “Plan” here on this site because need to be ready for what you need to say and do (and not do) when she calls. And she almost certainly will.

Avoid having a pity party…

You need to keep positive in a break up situation. Get busy with people you love, and the things you love to do. It’s important that your ex girlfriend hears on the grapevine that you are happy, well and getting on with your life.

Note: This isn’t something we do in spite. It’s what we do in order to look after ourselves, and ultimately look after her as well. When she sees you are staying strong… even getting stronger, she’ll almost certainly begin being attracted to you again…

…but be sure you’re ready for when she conveniently ‘runs into’ you or calls.

Avoid romantic gestures (at least for now)…

Control your urges to buy flowers and gifts (at least for the moment).

It’s important that you don’t appear like you’re desperate to get your ex girlfriend back.

This is a time for being cool and calm.

If we are going to win back an ex girlfriend, we need to actually win her, not try and force or manipulate the situation.

The plan to get your ex girlfriend back will almost certainly be counter intuitive to what you would do naturally. But if you’re able to stick to the plan and stay strong, there is a very good chance you’ll be rewarded with getting your ex girlfriend back.

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