So your going through, or have been through a relationship break up?

The whirlwind of emotions you’re experiencing with this are unfortunately all part of it but if you are looking to get your ex back you’ll want to remember these 2 things…

Thing # 1 – This time WILL pass… quicker than you expect.
Thing # 2 – If you keep cool and follow a solid plan, there is still a good chance you can get your ex back.

There are ways to diffuse the confusion and loneliness. You may even be feeling angry. Either way, before we get into answering the burning question: “How can I get my ex back?”, there are some checks that need to be put in place to continuously diffuse the avalanche of feelings and prepare for our ultimate goal of getting our ex back.

These “checks” will keep you on track so you don’t sabotage your chances of getting back together with your ex. The idea is not to strain the relationship any further at this stage.

It’s time to take stock and refocus. We need to focus on ourselves for a bit and work on becoming attractive again. Make sense?

Relationship experts all agree that working toward (in fact deciding to have) a cheerful attitude works wonders in many ways during a break up. It helps overcome the barrage of negative emotions that inevitably keep surfacing. But also, it will do wonders for helping change your ex’s attitude towards you.

Confidence goes a long when you are working at getting your ex back.

And that brings us to the 3 tips to get your ex back…

# 1 – Maintain Your Confidence

If you’re waking up each day asking “How can I get my ex back?” – know that confidence is a big key to this. Pity parties are out. To save yourself from falling into any negative thought spirals you’ll want to maintain a good balance of keeping busy, and getting good rest.

This will help both occupy your mind, and help you sleep better which ultimately keeps you stronger and happier… and makes you more attractive! It is all about getting momentum – positive momentum. Not negative momentum.

# 2 – Stay Socially Active

Keep good company. Hang with people who lift you up – good friends. Get loved and appreciated by your best friends and favorite family members. It will also be good for your ex to see that you are loved and appreciated by others.

This can help soften your ex by reminding them that you are in fact a good person – who is loved – and that people appreciate having you around.

# 3 – Work On Looking Good

You can do a lot towards getting your ex back just by going to a little extra trouble to ensure you always look your best. Refer to #1 again for help on this i.e. keeping busy and getting good rest.

Its also a good idea to pay some extra attention to your clothes, your skin and your hair. If you can, buy some new clothes, have your hair done and buy some feel good products.

Pay attention to your posture, your walk and the way you speak. It is important that your ex sees that you are getting on with your life and looking after yourself.

This article glosses over a few ideas for getting your back but to ensure your best chance of success you’ll want to follow a proven plan.

The “Plan” set out here on this website (Home page) will give you every chance of getting back together with your ex, and staying together.

The idea is not only to get back together with your ex but also have a much more deeper and satisfying relationship on every level.

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