This is the 3rd step in the plan. If you haven’t read step 1 or 2 yet, start here.

How To Get Your Ex Back – Step 3


Okay so we’re now calm, free of resentment and we know without a doubt that we want this relationship to be restored – in fact, we want it to be better than it’s ever been.

If it’s been a month since you broke up (or started The Plan), and you’ve done Steps 1 and 2 – we’re now ready to sink out teeth into Step 3…

Making Contact

A Hand Written Letter To Help Get Your Ex Back

A Hand Written Letter To Help Get Your Ex Back

Firstly, we are not telling our ex we want to get back with them.

There are so many ways to make contact with someone in today’s world but what we are going to use to make contact in this particular instance is a good old HAND WRITTEN letter.

A handwritten letter carries weight. It stands out in today’s world of computers and smartphones. A handwritten letter means something – it can convey real emotion and significance. Something a text just can’t match.

Just think for a minute how you’d feel if you received a handwritten letter from a friend. Chances are you would be really grateful. Touched. Grateful that they took the time to hand write a letter and put it in the post as opposed to messaging you via Facebook, Google+, Text or similar.

You’ll want to be very particular about what you write in this letter as it could help things go either way with you getting your ex back. You’ll find more on exactly what to say in this handwritten letter at the end of this series.

Casual Catch Up

Just make it a short and sweet, ‘casual catch up’.

You’ll want to keep this short and sweet. Not dinner, not a movie – maybe a coffee and a quick bite to eat (lunch at most). You won’t even be calling this a date – it’s just a ‘catch up’.

This catch up will be an opportunity to emotionally reconnect with your ex. This catch up is not to work on ‘what went wrong’ – problems can virtually disappear if the passion is reignited. There will be no passion igniting if you try and tackle past problems though.

A quick, positive, emotionally charged catch up will do infinitely more than a 2 hour debrief discussing the depths of why you guys broke up.

Be Who They Fell In Love With In The Beginning

At this catch-up, you’ll need to demonstrate how you’ve changed for the better – not by telling them you’ve changed, but just by BEING the person they fell in love with.

Again, no discussing what went wrong. If your ex wants to discuss issues, just let them talk – listen carefully but no replies from you on that subject – just let your ex know you don’t really want to discuss it here-now – maybe later 🙂

More On Human Psychology…

Our brain actually associates feelings with objects, events smell and people – like the smell of fresh bread baking in an oven could remind someone of a happy time in their childhood playing at a particular place with a particular person present. The brain will associate people with good and bad experiences and feelings too.

After a break up, we need to be aware that our ex may be maybe associating some negative feelings with us. At the end of the series, there will be an opportunity to learn how to combat these negative feelings so they don’t railroad your efforts to get your ex back.

Push The Right Buttons

Although this ‘catch up’ with be short and sweet, you’ll still be able to subtly push some buttons for getting your ex thinking about possibilities in future.

Every couple’s situation is different, and there are so many great little techniques for all the different break up situations that different couples face that it just isn’t possible to include everything in this short series…

Making The Magic Happen…

…this is why after much deliberation I thought it best to put the FINAL Step 4 into a short email series where you’ll learn all that you need to know from here for winning your ex back.

Inside the email series, you’ll learn things like…

  • Exactly how to craft a handwritten letter to your ex.
  • How to create an instant (and brand new) honeymoon stage bond between you and your ex.
  • A great technique for keeping calm (critical for winning your ex back).
  • How to quell any bad associations or feelings your ex may have toward you because of the break up.

The truth is; nothing can stop you winning your ex back when you execute the right plan, the right way.

Step 4 of the Plan has been formulated to help you do just that.

All I’m asking in return is your email address so that I can get Step 4 of The Plan to you without delay.

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