Sometimes, when a couple split up, both people move on with life. After some long deliberation they realize that they’re best without one another, and go their own way.

But what if you want to get your ex back?

Generally, there is one partner who will want reconcile with their ex. You may have already discovered that it can be hard convincing an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife to get back together again.

That’s why trying to convince an ex to get back together is not really the best strategy. It usually has the opposite outcome to the one we are wanting.

Here Are 4 Tips For Getting Your Ex Back

Craft What You Are Saying Very Carefully

To be effective, you’ll need to carefully consider what you’re saying and just how you are saying it. It’s important to convey your thoughts and feelings calmly and clearly. Your ex mustn’t feel they are under attack.

Fixing a relationship can be tricky – because feelings can be raw (for both you and your ex), you’ll always need to be ready to let things go (for the moment) if things become heated or misunderstood.

We have to get really good at becoming a peacemaker – speaking our truth clearly and calmly.

It will really help to journal your thoughts through the process. This way when it comes time to speak to your ex you will have a clarity and calm about you that will make you attractive to your ex.

Much more of what is communicated is done so in the tone and delivery as opposed to what is really being said. Big secret there.

Also remember: this is a journey, not a race. If you treat it like a race – you’ll likely blow the deal with your ex. You’re not going to speak to your ex just once if you are going to be reconciled are you?

You want to spend your life with this person right? In order to reconcile with an ex it will take a series of good “chats”. Good meaning: pleasant (a good experience) for BOTH of you.

Make Yourself Give Them Space

One of the most difficult things to do after breaking up with an ex is giving them space. For some it is really hard to stop calling, texting or inquiring with others as to what they’re up to now.

If you really want to win your ex back, you’ll actually need to FORCE yourself to stop calling and texting them (at least as frequently as you have been while you were together).

We need to give our ex the space to make their own decisions about the relationship. Showing them this respect and honor can have a good effect – and even cause one of the magic sparks that could turn things around for you guys.

Meaningful Gifts Can Work Really Well

It about the meaning, not the price tag. Gifts need to be unique, personal and thoughtful. This really shows you are putting positive energy into winning them back and again. It can also help spark some of the make-up magic you guys need.

Knowing When It’s Time To Back Off

This may seem counter intuitive at first but one of the most powerful ways to win back an ex is to know when it’s time to back off. If you are not succeeding with your attempts at winning back your ex it may be time to back it off a bit.

Constant pushing may cause you to lose any future opportunities to rebuild the relationship. We want to make sure the door stays open rather than have our ex shut the door.

These four tips alone will only help you do part of the work as you get back together with your ex. We need to remain focused and calm, and be willing to be patient over time if we are going to get our ex back.

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