It’s definitely a challenging thing releasing a person you love and was such a huge part of your life. This is the difficulty that some of us face when a relationship is actually damaging.

Do you really want to get your ex back?

Even though some relationships are clearly not healthy for either person involved, it is very common for one partner to still want to continue to work at getting their ex back again.

And while some people have experienced a beautiful connection with their partner, sadly, others have encountered romantic relationships where their partner has seriously failed them.

If you have experienced such a relationship, you may want to consider the points below.

The following 5 factors may be some of the more significant reasons to perhaps not work on getting your ex back.

They Were Physically Violent Towards You

If you have been involved with someone that has been violent toward you in a physical way, this may be someone you should not pursue. Although they may say that they have “changed”, for now, it wouldn’t be a good idea to place yourself in that situation again. If he or she was not able to honor and respect you physically, this is grounds not to pursue getting back together.

They Were Emotionally Harassing

You shouldn’t reunite with your ex if they have been emotionally or mentally abusive. This would be a person who has been manipulating and tried to control by way of breaking you down – lowering your self worth. Your partner needs to be able to draw the best out in you.

Overly Self-Centered

It can be hard to comprehend exactly why certain people will be more self-centered in comparison with others. Though it may be normal for many of us to be self-centered to some degree, it isn’t healthy to become self-centered enough to harm a person that you’re in a relationship

In the event your ex was not able to take into consideration your well-being or even your feelings simply because they were being too self-centered, you perhaps shouldn’t reunite with your ex.

They Were/Are Immature

Immaturity can be quite a serious concern within a romantic relationship. In the event the man or woman who that you were with has been immature, it may advisable in certain situations (particularly if not married yet) to give him or her some time to grow up before you think about restoring your relationship.

Should they continue to demonstrate warning signs of immaturity, you perhaps shouldn’t get back together.

They Cheated On You

The subject of being unfaithful can be particularly confusing. Although you actually may wish to believe that this had been a one time blunder, you’re likely to remain hesitant as to whether they can change.

If a person cheated, they might cheat again. In order to reduce the probability of being cheated on once more, you may consider not getting back together.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to have a serious review of your relationship with your ex to really assess whether or not he or she really has really looked after you, and just how you felt when you were with him or her.

In the event your ex exhibited any of these traits (above), consider the importance of your own self-worth.

This is said not for us to be selfish, but more to ensure healthy boundaries are in place going forward so a healthy balance could be a foundation part of the relationship if you guys were to work at getting back together.

If your ex did not truly appreciate you and the value what you brought to the relationship, you may consider not working so hard at getting back together.

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