Before you embark on a plan to get your ex back, lets take a look at why you might want to look at getting your ex girlfriend back and where things are at right now.

When a partner initiates break up, they are effectively eliminating that person from the relationship aspect of their life.

For some people, this can actually be a positive thing to do – for others a break up can have a detrimental effect on their health and/or welfare.

Were you the one to break things off, or were they?

Often the one who initiates the break up realizes they have made a mistake. If you are weighing up whether or not to get back with your ex girlfriend, here are five solid motives for getting your ex girlfriend back…

1. You Are Good At Making Your Ex Girlfriend Happy

Happiness is often contagious. If you made you ex girlfriend happy, chances are that you were happy too. If you were happy genuinely together, this may be a good motive for getting back with an ex girlfriend.

2. Your Ex Girlfriend Made You Happy

If you had a girl that made you happy – this is gold. It is very important to have people like this in our lives.

They lift our overall mood as we walk through life. Life can get a little mundane every now and then – a girlfriend or wife with a positive outlook and a happy demeanor is a precious thing to have walk with you on life’s journey.

3. Your Goals and Morals Align

Finding a life partner that has the same, similar or complimentary goals and morals as you is extremely hard.

Having a partner who we align with on these core life issues and motives is important. If you have found someone who does align with you on these things it may be a good idea to try and win your girlfriend back.

4. You Were Able To Help Each Other Progress and Grow

Let’s face it – there is no perfect partner. Relationships help us to grow – grow together and individually as well. If she helped you grow (maybe she’s still helping you grow :), you may want to work at getting your ex girlfriend back.

5. You Have Had Children Together

Kids are precious.

Although getting back together because of the kids may not be a fantastic idea always on it’s own, it can a good place to start from, and a good reason to work at the relationship.

Once you slowly work at things, you may find you and your ex cultivate a new attraction and new motives for staying together.

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